IKEA Abu Dhabi debuts “Make Room for Life” project

IKEA Abu Dhabi debuts “Make Room for Life” project

IKEA Abu Dhabi is encouraged to unveil its freshly redesigned family room area earlier today. Abu Dhabi was selected as among 3 shops worldwide to pilot this brand new shop remedy, the’ Make Room for Life’ project aims at producing an inspiring and realistic more shopping experience. Having designed and also implemented the facelift family room in the last three weeks in the Yas store, representatives of the UAE team and IKEA of Sweden had been present to speak to guests and press about the brand new improvements.

The’ Make Room for Life’ project draws its inspiration from the ever changing world all around and also the evolving expectations of the worldwide buyer with a sense for regional desires. With businesses in more than forty five countries around the world, IKEA has taken into consideration worldwide fashion like technology and urbanization; acknowledging that the world all around is changing which shift has an influence on the homes of ours as well as the manner in which we are. A crucial strategy of’ Make space for Life’ is establishing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

John Kersten, Managing Director – IKEA UAE, Qatar, Oman and Egypt, who supported the idea said: “We are incredibly proud to have been picked because of this pilot project and also we’re humbled by the chance to create a long lasting impact on the IKEA experience for buyers globally. This’s an indication our industry is an invaluable portion of the IKEA team which we’ve a major role to have fun in the long term future of the worldwide list industry.”

The freshly unveiled family room is an obvious change from the standard showroom displays associated with the IKEA brand. While customers could be acquainted with the numerous rows of furniture typically shown to exhibit the wide selection of choice at IKEA, the brand new option places room options across the division in clusters – now called’ neighbourhoods’ – specifically with the target of increasing the inspiration quotient in the shop while helping potential customers make decisions a bit more quickly. With an realistic approach using four walls there’s a much stronger impression of an entire room. The “neighbourhoods” also enable customers to stroll through the home settings and find solutions that create curiosity and interest. The solutions produced within the “neighbourhoods” resolve the requirements of everyday routine at your home by telling a story as well as showing personal remedies which could attract the numerous.

Yet another powerful attribute within the latest answer will be the integrated approach towards digital technology. In keeping with the IKEA promise of immediate gratification, the family room area is right now built with tablets which may be utilized to search through the assortment of things out there. The arrival of tablets ensures far more individuals may now meet up with solutions over an electronic level, simultaneously clearing up and re utilizing areas within the division normally worn by traditional product display.

“With the world around us modifying we’re aiming to adapt better to all new means of living & IKEA knows that time has arrived for many daring forward thinking! It is not sufficient to carry out the stuff we used to do, but much better. We’re very happy to find out different methods of furnishing, totally fresh ideas and we dare to be daring. We’re generally an extremely interesting lot of folks right here at IKEA – observing, asking questions and continuously learning. We’re unhappy with an excellent experience, we want one thing better and great. It is not sufficient to meet up with the expectations of the customers of ours, we wish to surprise them! The brand new international living room project “Make Room for Life” concentrates just on the very same idea. Our seventy years of operations informs us customers now identify and like the IKEA concept – today this’s the energy of ours to make a much better, more motivating shopping experience for them,” added John.

Along with UAE, the’ Make Room for Life’ task has been piloted in Sweden and Canada with ultimate designs placed to eventually roll out across many of IKEA’s 380 stores worldwide within 12 months. Plus, this’s the newest answer now implemented inside the Abu Dhabi store.